Volunteer Opportunity to Assist Helper Students


On Thursday evening, Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman released information regarding a real need in the community for students and educational assistance.

The mayor asked any that have time available to consider taking on a service task that Sally Mauro Elementary is seeking. The task will consist of adults with free time visiting with second grade students and being read to by them.

In order to volunteer, those interested must first contact the Carbon School District for a background check. The check is free of cost and is a mandatory step in participation.

Any that are wanting to take place in this opportunity must contact Toni Thayn at (435) 613-3145 to schedule the check. Following clearance, the volunteers are directed to contact the elementary school to determine scheduled reading times.

“This will be a huge benefit to the students, as well as to participants,” said Mayor Peterman. “Let’s rally and help our kids be as successful as they can be.”

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