Volunteer to Improve Helper City Through River Restoration Project


Helper City has been no stranger to improvements over the past years, specifically with the river restoration project that has been underway.

This effort has brought access points to the river for community involvement and enjoyment. Fish passage and habitat has been improved as well. The project also called for the removal of invasive species along the river, which included several large trees. New trees and plants have introduced throughout the past years to fill the holes the invasive species left and help with salinity issues downstream. 

Now, to make sure these new trees and plants survive, the city is seeking the community’s help. Helper City is seeking volunteers to water the plants and help them become established. Those interested in being a part of the River Helpers team should contact Helper City Councilwoman Malarie Matsuda at mmatsuda@helpercity.net.

To learn more about the river restoration project, please click here.

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