Voting Underway for New Price Water Conservation Board Members


An election is underway to fill two positions for the Price Water Conservation District board. A local nominating committee selected the candidates. Ballots are mailed to private agricultural land operators listed with the Utah Conservation Commission (UCC). The UCC and the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food direct and conduct these elections. Any registered Utah voter, or private agricultural land owner/manager not on the mailing Iist may vote by requesting a ballot.

A Conservation District (CD) is a governmental limited purpose local district. Its purpose is to improve and protect land and water resources for public benefits. A five member elected citizen board governs a CD and serve four-year terms of office. They provide local governance to federal, state and local government conservation programs. Board decisions are made in meetings open to the public

The CD election candidates for this area are:

Daniel R Campbell -Wellington

Andy Schmidt- Price

Scott Thayn- Price

Ballot request forms are availablea at the local conservation office or by writing UCC, Box 146500,SLC, Utah 84114-6500; call 801-538-7120; fax 801-538-9436; email, or voters may register for this election to receive a ballot at http:/ ion/ .

Completed ballot request forms must be received by the UCC office no later than Oct. 25. Returned ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 5. A person must vote in one of two consecutive CD elections to remain on the mailing Iist.

Election closes Nov. 5.

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