Wandering Dogs Pose Problem for Ferron City


Ferron citizens stood before the City Council on Thursday and voiced concerns about a slew of wandering dogs running around City streets.

Citizens complained that the dogs were scaring people, and they wanted the dangerous situation remedied.

Councilmen noted that dog owners who allowed their dogs to roam free would be cited. Councilmen also advised the public to contact Sid Swasey at 749-0579 to report roaming dogs.


  • The contract for Hole-in-One restaurant at Millsite Golf Course was approved. The authentic Mexican restaurant is currently open for business and owners plan to stay open year-round.
  • Kathy Singleton, Paul Lucas and Lanet Withers volunteered to serve as election judges in November.
  • Officials reported Peach Days was successful with an estimated 8,000 tickets sold for the various events.
  • Councilmen want to secure old cars for next year’s demolition derby. The cars wouldn’t currently need to run because the City would fix them. The cars would be used in the powder puff derby.
  • Kacie Healy will begin teaching Zumba dance and fitness classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at the fairgrounds building.
  • Councilmen are seeking citizens for Emergency Response Team certification. The class begins Tuesday.
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