Wanted: Input From the Local Business Community


The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is giving all a chance to have their voices heard, and possibly win a $100 Amazon gift card, with the Business Alliance survey. This survey’s intent is to discover ways to better serve the business community in Southeast Utah.

“We know there are gaps that are not being filled as far as business tools and resources go. Our goal is to identify what those gaps are and then work on filling them. We need the community to help us see our shortcomings so we can improve in those areas,” shared Austin Preston of the SBDC.

He continued by explaining that as those gaps are identified, they can begin to develop the tools and resources needed to fill the gaps. This will, in turn, assist all businesses in the region regardless of the stage that they are currently in. The goal is to have complete coverage on any need a business may have.

Preston remarked that they wish for anyone that is willing to take the survey, though they are especially hoping that those who own/run a business, have considered starting a business, those that work in economic development as well as elected officials will participate.

“We want people to be as honest and in-depth as possible, because we need real data to identify opportunities to improve. Plus, you get the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card,” Preston said.

He then stated that helping businesses succeed in the area does not just help them; rather, it helps the community as a whole. “When our businesses succeed, our economy is strengthened. When our economy is strengthened, we have more resources to improve. As we improve, we draw more attention and a desire to be here and, as that desire to be here increases, we start the cycle all over again,” Preston stated.

Business owners, hopeful entrepreneurs and all others that are interested in more information on the survey or would like to partake in the survey may do so by clicking here.

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