Warmer Weather Means Fun Outdoor Events for Price City


ETV10 News Stock Photo of Previous Culture Connection Event

The weather is getting warmer here in the Castle Country, which means that plans have been well underway for the fun outdoor activities that are headed our way.

Council Member Layne Miller gave a brief update on the Culture Connection events that take place largely at the Price City Peace Gardens. He stated that he is going to coordinate closer with the other events that happen during the summertime on entertainment. Miller also informed all that he plans to re-word the flyers this year to make them an easier read. He believes that in repeating events such as Culture Connection, more information is not needed.

Council Member Terry Willis then stated that they had just hosted an International Days meeting that same day. According to Willis, almost everything that was used last year will be brought back. The contract is already in place and was, in fact, approved in the consent agenda during the meeting.

Currently, the contract for the carnival portion of the celebration is moving forward. One exciting extension of International Days that Willis brought up was the fact that the go-karts will be brought back. A challenge was presented to the members of the city council to race against each other using the aforementioned go-karts. Once all the members had agreed, Willis stated that the plan will be more formalized and will be advertised. However, it is certain to take place during International Days.

A water-level update was then presented to the council. There is currently no doubt that the Scofield Reservoir will fill and spill. However, it is figured that water may not have to be released until late July to August based on the summer use. The community was advised to continue to use water wisely but to definitely go ahead and water this year.


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