Watch Out For “Tuner-Free Display” Television


Imagine it’s time to get a new TV for your living room. You go to the store and find the perfect television but when you get home, you realize there is no coaxial input, which means you bought a tuner-free display. Without this input, watching antenna or cable TV is out of the question.

Tuner-free displays are the newest products that are designed for those that are in favor of “cord-cutting,” which means they don’t use antenna or cable TV. Therefore, these displays have no tuner so they cannot receive TV over the air with an antenna.

In order to receive antenna or cable TV, an individual who has purchased one of these TVs has a few options. One option includes purchasing a converter that costs roughly $80. A second option is to purchase a digital service and a set top box with an HDMI port. However, this would mean that there would be a price increase on your television bill. The last option and probably the last resort to solve this problem is to purchase another TV, but this time make sure it has the right inputs that are needed.

There are some steps that one can follow to ensure this won’t happen so that you won’t have to spend the extra money:

  • Make sure that the products name is described as a “TV” and not a display or a monitor
  • Look at the photo of the TV’s rear panel to ensure that there is indeed a coax connector
  • Read the details given on the TV carefully to see if there is an antenna, RF, coax or cable TV input
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