Water and Sewer Project Nearly Completed in Helper


The first Helper City Council meeting of 2017 took place on the evening of Jan. 5. During this meeting, resident Doris Prettyman presented to the council members a project that she has worked tirelessly on for some time.

Prettyman put her nose to the books and studied the Helper Cemetery. With her findings, she was able to create a sort of guide to the cemetery. Set in a metal binder, Prettyman has classified each grave with names, date of birth and death and the exact locations. This book is to be set at the cemetery and will assist in helping visitors locate friends and family members more easily.

Also discussed at the council meeting was the update for the water and sewer project that has been ongoing for some time through contractor Knife River. The council members were informed that the project is nearly completed. However, the weather has put a hold on the work.

All the water and sewer lines have been placed; it is merely a matter of placing the gutter and paving the roads. Unfortunately, the paving more than likely will not take place until the spring. The pavement will be placed by a contractor other than Knife River.


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