Water Issues Continue to Haunt East Carbon


A housing authority representative who oversees Whitmore Square Apartments spoke to the East Carbon City Council on Tuesday about possible help with a recent spike in the water bill.

The representative said the complex’s water bill went from $1,000 to $4,000 in just one month.

The representative said the housing authority suspects the old water lines have a rapid leak, but nobody knows where the leak is. Meters for each unit have been installed at the complex to try to locate the problem.

Councilmen suggested the city could try to form an agreement with the Department of Agriculture, which oversees the housing authority, that would potentially solve the problem. Councilmen suggested such a route would be easier because they have more leeway when dealing with other government agencies rather than individual companies.


  • The East Carbon City attorney gave a report on confusing language in the current water and sewer connection fee resolutions. Councilmen asked the attorney to draft new resolutions with clarifications.
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