Water, Water, Where?


By Julie Johansen

Every community’s number one purpose is to provide culinary services for their residents. If there is no runoff in Emery Town this could be impossible to do. The city does not have a reservoir for storage and depends on surface water, i.e. springs,  ponds and streams, to provide culinary water for the town. Seismic activity from nearby mines have changed the water flow in the Muddy Creek system and could threaten Emery Town’s water supply. The town has been closely monitoring its springs but have been advised that if it came to litigation it would require a more sophisticated system.

Having obtained this information, the council determined its need to use an engineering firm to help with this monitoring. The council needs to decide exactly which springs to monitor and where the beneficial springs are located to begin monitoring. If the Muddy Creek flow is below five cubic feet per second it could freeze, meaning there will be no water entering in storage tanks. Currently, the flow is only at six CFS. Emery Water Conservancy District has said that it will provide some aide in this situation if the water users will sign written agreements to help maintain improvements.

The town council does not want to do anything to discourage mining but have a responsibility to the health, welfare and safety of its citizens. A motion was made to pursue the water rights issue and was approved unanimously.

Also discussed at the Emery Town meeting were two business licenses that were approved. ATV Repair and Judy Riddle’s Crafts. Councilman Jon Sundstrom then advised the council that new door key pads are needed for the fire truck bay of the city building. City recorder Tarra Payne was advised to obtain prices and then purchase these as it was a problem with the last fire call, both in getting into the fire truck and closing the bay when leaving with the engine.

Councilperson Corrine Dalton reported on some historical research she is doing with regards to forest service records. Mayor Mistie Christiansen told of plans for young women to interview and record some of the elder citizens of the town. These recordings can be added to the archives of the town.

Councilman Allen then was happy to report that the Veterans Memorial will be ready for dedication on Nov. 8 at 5 p.m. at the town cemetery. It will be a five-point star with an American flag in the center and flags from each branch of the military on the corners. It will have plaques of each respective branch. Everyone is invited to this dedication.

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