Wayne Woodward Recognized for Committed Efforts to Grad Spec


Press Release

During its regular meeting, the Price Kiwanis Club recognized Wayne Woodward for his long-standing commitment to children in the community, his work with the Carbon School District Board, and, specifically, the many years of work he and his wife committed to Graduation Spectacular.

Woodward became involved with Graduation Spectacular in 1989 and his name is synonymous with that event. He and his wife took over the reigns in 1989, although it began in 1981.

Graduation Spectacular, or “Grad Spec” as it is known in the community, is an annual non-alcohol, non-drug oriented approach to helping the youth in the community celebrate school graduation safely. Grad Spec is full of people, prizes and fun every year. Kiwanis became involved along with Woodward as a sponsor.

It is estimated that Grad Spec has served over 40,000 students over the years. Woodward has shared the secret of Grad Spec with many communities over the years, but commented that “they just couldn’t get the community involved” and that “the success of Grad Spec is the success of our great community.”

Starting a new chapter for Grad Spec, Russell and Kendra Seeley will now take over for the Woodwards to keep the tradition alive.

Kiwanis is proud of its association with Grad Spec as well as Woodward and looks forward to many more years of the great event in the community in the service of children.

Watch for upcoming Price Kiwanis events such as the annual Radio Auction and Rubber Duckie Derby fundraisers as well as Kiwanis Kids Day in the Park later this fall. For more information about Price Kiwanis, contact Nick Tatton at (435) 820-0268.

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