Weed and Mosquito Building for Emery County


By Sara Price

Substantial progress has been made toward the construction of the weed and mosquito building for Emery County. Commissioners approved an agreement between LDA and Questar in order to provide gas to the building.

Water and sewer lines were also approved for hookup, although there remains negotiations to be made with the Castle Dale City mayor. The commissioners would like two sewer lines to the building. One would service the bathrooms while the other would connect to a floor drain that has to go through extra filtration including a grease trap before it can enter the sewage system.

200 yards of cement have to be installed and might require an extension on the deadline set to complete the building. Excessive rain has been holding up construction workers on both cement work and back fill.

Delays are expected to last until Monday, September 16, when the weather is forecasted to clear up. Once the cement is poured, it will have to sit for seven days before work can continue. The plumbing will be cast into the cement, protecting it from future breakage.

Still, optimism runs high on the project as it is set to gain the floor and parking lot for the new structure and the bunkers for the chemicals are already in place. Final touches include installing water lines to the bunkers for chemical mixers and building a chain link fence that will separate the weed and mosquito building from Mic Rogers property. They are still working out an agreement that would straighten out the property lines with him.

Nelson has been in charge of completing the work and payment for the work completed was authorized during the Local Building Authority Meeting on Tuesday, September 10.

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