Wellington City Council Approves Bond for New Water System


It was the first council meeting for newly elected Wellington City Mayor Joan Powell on Jan. 15, but she hit the ground running. Powell vowed to stand up for Wellington resident’s needs and concerns as mayor.

One worry for council members and citizens alike is a deteriorating water tank. Much discussion has been made over what to do about the failing system. Although plans have not been decided upon yet, funding for a water project is now in place.

During the council meeting a resolution was approved for a $2,575,000 water revenue bond, which will be used to finance a portion of the cost of water system improvements. It was made clear by bond attorney Eric Johnson that approval of these funds does not mean that construction will be required to begin immediately. “I recommend that money should be issued for these bonds within one calendar year,” he advised. “This resolution only approves the bonds, but it won’t be finalized until a project is approved. Basically, this is a pre-approval of sorts.”

Council members are cautious and want to approve a water system upgrade that is best for residents and that will last for years to come. With funding now in place, the council will begin looking into the matter extensively. “Decisions have been made in the past about water that became a financial burden for generations after,” explained Powell. “But I feel that what we are doing now will benefit generations to come.”

Councilman Glen Wells explained it is important to approach the situation with caution. “I don’t want to think if we stub our toe, what do we do? It’s not a perfect picture,” he commented. “But we do need to be cautious. I’m not 100% convinced that we have the answer to the problem. Right now we can’t vote on the project, but we can vote on the bond.”

With funding in place, Wellington City council members will begin the extensive process of researching a water system that is best for the city.

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