Wellington City Council Approves RV Park Plan


Stock photo courtesy of Jamie Swank

The Wellington City Council gathered for a regularly scheduled meeting on March 9 where the possibility of a property development or conditional use permit was discussed with McKay Quinn.

Quinn approached the council with the desire to build an RV park, stating that it will be submitted as a planned unit development and built as a travel trailer court. There are 162 planned sites that will be built in phases with two other locations under construction in Heber and Virgin, near Zion National Park.

Quinn requested flexibility from the council to ensure that the building does not need to be completed all at once and stated that the purpose of his visit was for concept plan approval.

Wellington City Mayor Brad Timothy asked Quinn how far he is wishing to develop before ceasing, to which the council was informed the work would consist of at least two phases. There will be 112 pads in the first phase and 60 in the second. Discussion was then had on what exactly is needed for flexibility and when the project is projected to begin.

Phase one included approval in the spring, with construction beginning in the summer and hopefully continuing throughout the winter. The plan is to officially open in summer 2023. Quinn stated that Wellington City’s current code on RV park stays is a 30-day maximum, but he asked for a variance of at least 90 to 120 days. Quinn informed the council that this would be the only variance that he would request and emphasized that he does not want patrons residing at the park on an annual basis.

Other concerns, such as water usage, the highway and traffic were addressed by Quinn and the council. Following this, Councilman Barney Zauss motioned to approve the concept plan with a conditional use permit, which was then approved upon by the rest of the council.

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