Wellington City Council Discusses Multiple Rate Increases for New Year


The Wellington City Council met for the final meeting of 2018 on Wednesday evening. As per usual with the ending of a given year, what to expect in the upcoming year was largely highlighted on the council’s agenda.

The council hosted a public hearing to receive public comments regarding amending the Wellington City fee schedule, including the rates for culinary water, sewer and sanitation collection.

Meeting the conclusion of the public hearing, the council then approached each increase as its own agenda item. These increases are to adjust for rate increases that were imposed on Wellington City from its wholesalers and service providers.

It was stated that without such increases, Wellington City would lose nearly $22,000 per year beginning Jan. 1 of 2020. Rather than meet that loss, the council moved to approve the increases, which will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2019.

The other fee schedule increases included minor adjustments of $5 for a lost dog tag, $10 for a home occupation license print and $10 for a business license reprint. There was also an increase to the gym rental fee.

“All in all, it is very minor adjustments to keep up with inflation or other increasing expenses,” stated Wellington City Recorder Glenna Nelson.

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