Wellington City Council Has Full Public Comment Period


Starting out the regularly scheduled Wellington City Council meeting, the council opened the floor for its public comment period.

Cathy Hascall began the public comments, wishing to discuss Hillside Drive. Hascall contacted city hall a number of weeks ago, asking to have a pothole filled. The area was fixed and she thanked the city for the work, though she is now confused on what type of road she lives on in regard to ownership.

Cindy O’Neil lives on Hillside Drive as well and did some research into what type of road it was. After speaking with Daniel Luke, a Carbon County employee, she learned that Wellington had dropped the road as a city road back in 2016. Though this occurred, the city workers are still plowing and salting the roads while also taking dispatch calls regarding it.

With this information in mind, the council discussed the possibility that dropping the road from city ownership had been a mistake. Mayor Brad Timothy assured the residents in attendance, as well as the other council members, that he will investigate the situation further.

Following this comment, James McReel with Underwood Environmental approached the council to discuss an upcoming cleanup that will take place at Single Stop. This is an environmental cleanup and they plan to take contaminated substances to ECDC in East Carbon.

McReel also asked, on behalf of his company, to be able to dump water found in the ground back into the city’s sewer line. Unfortunately, the council is unable to make a motion during a public comment and requested that McReel be put on the agenda for the next meeting for a decision.

To conclude, Amanda Kepsel approached the council to thank the members for all of their hard work while also expressing her support of the city fighting for extra streetlights.

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