Wellington City Council Hosts Virtual Public Hearing for the CDBG Program


At the virtual Wellington City Council meeting hosted on Wednesday evening, Mayor Joan Powell opened a second public hearing to allow citizens to provide input on the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

Not long ago, a decision was made to apply for funds on behalf of Wellington City Public Works culinary department for an updated meter system in the city. Councilwoman Bethany Perea is the member that wrote the grant, which would update 10 master meters in areas such as Hillside Drive, Old Wellington Road, Coal Creek Road and more.

The project will include labor and materials to install the meters. The public hearing was then ended without comment.

Councilwoman Perea stated that, following the second hearing, a meeting will take place regarding the project and it will possibly be put out for bids. Furthermore, Councilwoman Perea stated that she is going to search for further grants for the city’s trails, ponds and more. She acknowledged that she does not know what money is going to look like this year as the federal government is going to take a hit, as well as some state governments.

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