Wellington City Council Receives General Update


During the Wellington City Council work session on Wednesday evening, steps to ensure the safety and security of citizens and areas of the city were discussed.

It was reported that local youth were locating the boxes that control the city’s water and turning the valves off. Mayor Joan Powell instructed for a camera to be erected on the northeast corner of the city hall. Locks were also placed on the boxes to prevent further interference.

One of the slides at the Wellington City Park was also kicked in with a hole stomped through it. A new slide was purchased and will be in place before the celebrations on July 24.

A security system is in place at the park and the cameras are now updated. There are eight cameras total between the park and the shop and it was stated that just about anything in the park can be viewed by the cameras. The system ordered can go up to a total of 16 cameras, but only eight are being utilized at this time. There are also plans for cameras to be erected throughout the city hall.

Wellington City Police Chief Rory Bradley has been busy lining up tents for the upcoming Pioneer Days celebration. Tables and chairs are also being organized.

The final report on the city was that the weed situation is slowly being addressed. Weeds were sprayed and mowed but grew back in an abundance. It was explained that with all of the focus on the upcoming celebrations, the weeds will likely take a back seat until they have concluded.

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