Wellington City Debt Crisis Unresolved


Wellington City continued to wait to hear from the Interim Tax Committee in Salt Lake City that will help decide whether Wellington’s $1.4 million debt would be absolved.

Wellington City Councilmen traveled to the Utah State Capital approximately two weeks ago to plead their case to the committee. Councilmen hoped the committee would propose legislation that would forgive the debt.

Councilmen hoped to hear from the committee soon.


  • Councilmen passed a resolution requesting recertification of the Wellington Justice Court.
  • The Wellington City sewer line video recording project was completed. Workers were trying to find problem areas in the sewer lines so the City could request repair funding from the CIB.
  • Wellington City Mayor Ben Blackburn expressed displeasure with some City-wide construction issues saying, “there are too many places in town with inferior quality materials and workmanship.” Blackburn said Wellington City would need to fix the problems.
  • Councilmen appointed Helen Fryer, Donna Davis, Renae Blackburn and Ora Keele as election judges.
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