Wellington City Declares State of Emergency, Asks Public to Report Damage


Pictured: Wellington City Mayor Joan Powell listens to problems experienced by the community at an emergency meeting, which took place Saturday.

It took Wellington City Mayor Joan Powell and the city council 40 minutes during an emergency meeting Saturday to declare the city of Wellington in a state of emergency and help the town members in a time of fear and uncertainty.

The chambers housed individuals with fear written across their faces looking for hope from a mayor who came in off the streets in a work shirt, jeans and quickly tied hair that was falling out from hours of labor and worry.

The mayor and council listened to community members’ concerns over their homes and property, with Mayor Powell offering comfort and condolences while dabbing at tear-filled eyes.

“I don’t know what your future holds,” Mayor Powell said at the meeting, “but we’re going to try hard to see what we can do.”

Besides the declaration, the council also brainstormed the possibilities of fundraisers to help flood victims in the area, due to the lack of funds currently in Wellington City’s budget.

Carbon County Commissioner Casey Hopes as well as Utah State Representative Brad King, sporting a layer of mud and standing in their socks, also offered help and guidance, urging community members to report any damage done to property, even if slight.

A time period of ten days from the start of the event is allotted for the public to report damage done due to the circumstance. The damage will be assessed with other testimonies across the state to apply for federal aid. The public may report damage by calling 472-HELP (472-4357) or visiting www.carbon.utah.gov.

Similarly, representatives from The Red Cross will be present at Wellington’s Town Hall multi-purpose room today from 1:30 to 5 p.m. The public may come and open a case with the organization to receive aid as it is available.

“Let’s go to work,” Mayor Powell said at the conclusion of the meeting, not even waiting for a formal motion to close. “We’ve got stuff to do.”

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