Wellington City Discusses Upcoming Sewer Project


The Wellington City Council faced a number of public hearings during its Aug. 10 meeting regarding all things sewer. The first two hearings were focused on both the sewer bond and the sewer rates.

Though there was no one present to make a comment regarding the bond, resident Ed Ericson approached the council with a concern on the rate change. He stated that, with the amount raising another $8, it is hard for him and other families in the area to keep up with the cost.

Though Ericson acknowledged that upgrades are a necessity, he also stated that he believes spending from the city has been outrageous recently.

From there, the council moved onto the public hearing for the Water Conservation Plan, in which Mario Gonzales with Sunrise Engineering took the helm for the discussion.

Gonzales informed the council that the plan will need approval every five years for the Water Conservancy Board. He continued, stating that he has spent countless hours putting the plan together. Each public hearing item was then approved by the council.

Finally, the discussion turned to Resolution 2022-07, which was on the Note and Bond Authorization. This will allow the maximum of $5,250,000 sewer revenue bond anticipation notes as well as $5,250,000 in sewer revenue bonds in one more series. This is pursuant to a note resolution and bond resolution to be approved by both the mayor and city recorder.

The approval will be as the pricing committee for the sewer system, improvements and related matters. This was also approved by the council, though the sewer discussion did not halt there.

Next, the council approved Resolution 2022-08, which would increase sewer rates to adequately service the series 2022 Sewer Revenue Bond anticipation note, the series 2022 Sewer Revenue Bond and related matters.

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