Wellington City Gears Up for the Spring Season


During the Wellington City Council work meeting that took place on Wednesday evening, the public works department took some time to give a detailed update on all things current and upcoming.

The fate of a previously discussed tree on city property is still uncertain as the department is unsure of whether it is able to be moved or cut down. This depends on the fiber optic line that has been ran through that area. The new evidence room was also briefly discussed as it is now complete.

The department has also been conducting service work on all of the equipment and restrooms, getting everything ready for spring. Discussion was had on baseball, softball and other spring sports, including the Cal Ripken tournament. Infield dirt is going to be taken from the softball field and placed on the baseball field. It was also suggested that the city considers hauling in a full load for the baseball field come next year.

Then, the possibility of tearing out the current dugouts and replacing them with chain-link dugouts was brought to the table. The current dugouts are comprised of cinder block and are deteriorating at a quick rate. The hopes is to make a concrete bottom and a roof with the walls all being chain-link.

If the public works department does the labor, the dugouts may possibly cost $3,000, give or take, to do both.

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