Wellington City Hosts Scout Troop


Light on City business, Wellington Mayor Ben Blackburn took the opportunity to host a Q&A with local Scout Troop 280 at the Wellington City Council meeting on Wednesday.

The transcript went as follows:

Q. How many terms can you serve?

A. I don’t think there is a term limit, but I enjoy what we’re doing. When I first became Mayor we were in a big deficit that took almost a third of Wellington’s budget to fix it.

Q. Could we put a bridge over the highway so that the kids can get to the park and home safely?

A. They’ve been trying to get a light. There isn’t enough cross traffic to put in a regular stoplight, so they’re looking at getting a light where you can push a button to make the light change.

After the Q&A, Councilmen went into a closed session that lasted the entirety of the meeting.

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