Wellington City Police Chief Rory Bradley Awarded the Department of Public Safety Lifesaving Award


Photos courtesy of the Wellington City Police Department

Wellington City Police Chief Rory Bradley was recognized and awarded the Department of Public Safety Lifesaving Award on Wednesday. This award was given to Chief Bradley due to being one of the initial officers that responded to the semi that demolished Los Jilbertos’ former location in January.

Bradley was joined by two troopers, Chis Pugliese and Bo Minchey of the Utah Highway Patrol (UHP). They entered what was left of the building after the collision and were successful in locating and removing one of the owners that was trapped inside with serious injuries.

“Had Chief Bradley not acted as quickly as he did, serious injuries could have easily turned into fatal injuries,” stated Sergeant Kelly Maynes.

Due to the quick actions of Bradley, Pugliese and Minchey, a life was saved. Maynes reflected that Bradley has always been one to put the citizens of Wellington City first and that the award was well-deserved.

“Thank you Chief for all you do for our wonderful community and our department and congratulations. As a long time friend and fellow officer (and currently his Reserve Sergeant), I am honored to call Chief Bradley my boss and more importantly, my friend. Thank you Rory and congratulations,” Maynes concluded.

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