Wellington City Wastewater Improvements Explored


During the Wellington City Council work meeting last week, the Wastewater Improvements Design Kickoff Meeting was hosted.

The meeting was opened with the news that the Topo Survey was completed and there is good data thus far with the exception of some minor points. There is one more day that the surveyor will return to gather additional information. The preliminary layouts have started on where the replaced lines are going to be.

Gas, power, phone and utility information has been gathered and the water irrigation has been reviewed. The plan is to avoid interrupting with existing utilities as much as possible.

The entire project was mapped out for the mayor and council members to peruse. In early October, there will be a 60% design review while the 90% design review is slated for early November.

The advertisement for bids will be published in mid-January and the bid opening is slated to take place in mid-February. The construction schedule is planned for March 2021 to December 2021.

Future plans include defining the property line or edge of project limits, what type of clean-outs are preferred, discovering the standard asphalt thickness on city streets and more. Various lines and what is owned by who was also discussed.

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