Wellington Elementary Welcomes Art Program *Photo Gallery*


Students, teachers and staff alike are excited about this year’s art program at Wellington Elementary. For the first time, all grades K-5 have the opportunity to participate in an art program twice a week. Although art is not a new subject at the school, the implementation of the program in each grade is.

According to art teachers Serena Schaugaard and Jennifer Clark, the program follows Core curriculum, which includes specific techniques, proper care of supplies, learning lines, shading and much more.

“Art gives the student’s brains a break and allows them to excel at creativity,” stated Schaugaard. “It helps them develop culturally as well.”

Simple lessons such as making paper snowflakes quickly became a lesson in color. “If you notice the snowflakes hanging in the hallway, they are painted using the color wheel,” Schaugaard commented. “With each lesson, we find ways to implement Core standards.”

According to Clark, many of the students have embraced the lessons and are going above and beyond lesson requirements. In fact, several Wellington students have won community awards for their artwork.

Clark also explained that Wellington is the only school in the Carbon School District that offers art to students twice a week. “The kids are getting lessons they normally would receive in upper grades,” she explained.

Not only do the students receive art instruction regularly, they also have their work displayed for the entire student body to see. The walls of Wellington Elementary are lined with bright, colorful artwork from students of all ages.

With encouragement from Clark and Schaugaard, the students at Wellington Elementary will continue to excel in the school-wide art program this year.

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