Wellington Fire Department Needs New Truck


At last night’s Wellington City Council Meeting, Johnny Powell, the Fire Chief, reported that the department is having electrical issues with the main fire truck, including the pump control panel not working.

Powell came before the Council to ask that the city council write a request for an emergency hardship grant from the Utah Community Impact Board for a new truck.В  He also reported that the department has not yet received the brush truck that they are getting as reported in the last meeting.

Council members moved to pay an estimate of $225,963.58 for their sewer replacement project.В  They discussed that the only thing left to do was to fix potholes that haven’t yet been repaired because of weather delays. The project is due to be done by next Friday, and the final estimate will be given at next meeting.

The council also opened bids for cleaning and video inspecting of the sewers.В  The bids ranged from 37,000 to 112,000. They awarded the bid to the company Twin D on the condition that they hold to the bid requirements of approximately $37,000.

The council declined approval for a proposed installation of fence along Wellington Main Street next to the park as an eagle scout project, thinking that the open park looks nicer and allows vendorВ  operations during events.

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