Wellington Fire Responds to School Bus Accident


ETV News stock photo

On Thursday morning, the Wellington Fire Department was dispatched to a collision, reported as minor, involving a school bus. There were eight responders from Wellington that arrived on scene.

They were split into two teams by Chief Matt Perea, consisting of two fire fighters and an EMT on one team and a second team of two firefighters, and advanced EMT and a paramedic. The first team worked on checking the other vehicles that was involved as well as the occupants.

At the same time, the second time worked with the school bus and its occupants. The students and driver of the bus were checked and questioned in order to evaluate the level of need for medical care or attention.

If there was concern for any of the occupants, the advanced EMT and paramedic did a medical evaluation. Wellington Fire made contact with Carbon County School District’s Transportation Department, as well as Wellington Elementary School.

“We would like to express our thanks for the teamwork on scene from all those involved,” Wellington Fire shared.

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