Wellington Warriors Celebrate Chocolate Sales *Photo Gallery*


Wellington Elementary’s gymnasium was filled with deafening cheers and laughter on Thursday as the student body celebrated the results of their chocolate¬†selling fundraiser.

The month-long fundraiser, which ended Feb. 26, resulted in over 200 boxes of chocolate being sold. To celebrate, the students were treated to an assembly hosted by the school’s PTA where students were randomly selected to compete against teachers in a variety of games and activities.

In addition to games and competitions, awards were given to top-selling families as well as a drawing for five-pound chocolate bars for an upper grade teacher, a lower grade teacher and a randomly drawn student.

For the students, the cherry on the top of the assembly was the opportunity given to select members of the student body to turn the school’s principal, Stacy Basinger, into a human sundae complete with ice cream, syrups, whipped cream and sprinkles as a reward for all the hard work and dedication proven throughout the month’s fundraising.

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