West Price Bridge Renewal Open House Informs Community


The West Price Bridge Renewal open house was hosted at the Price City Hall on Thursday, Feb. 28. This open house was open to everyone in the community. Those at the head of the project were present and available for questioning about the project. The team that has been constructed expressed that they do not wish to keep anyone in the area in the dark concerning the protect.

The team wanted people to come to this event to take a look at what will be happening during the construction of the new bridge.

The project starts on March 11. However, the bridge will not close until March 18. From that day, it will be closed for approximately 125 days. At the open house, there were sheets for individuals to write their email down so they can receive further information about the project during the process.

If anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact those in authority by calling at (800) 292-3557 or emailing dave@frontlinepi.com or pricebridge@utah.gov.

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