Westwood Homeowners Flood CC Commission, Seek Major Change


A group of approximately 30 Westwood homeowners gathered at the Carbon County Commission meeting to express concern over flooding in their neighborhood and demand someone solve the problem.

Vaughn Olson acted as spokesman for the group and presented a petition requesting help from Commissioners.

Olson said the open canal running through the neighborhood was the source of the flooding. Olson also said most Westwood residents use pumps in their basements from July until January, which is when the canal is full of water. Residents have spent thousands on basement repairs.

“I’ve done all I can do,” Olson said. “I just can’t keep the water out.”

Olson said residents were also concerned about the dangers the open water way presented to children.

An unidentified Carbon Canal Company representative told Commissioners the canal was 100 years old and in need of improvements to stop water leakage. The company owns 30 miles of canal, and improvements costs were estimated at $70 million.

The representative said the company has had trouble finding money for the project.

Commissioners said they empathized with the situation, but said their role in solving the problem was difficult because the canal was privately owned.

Commissioners suggested they might be able to gather funds to purchase a liner that would help stop water from seeping out of the canal and affecting the water table.

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