Wet, Heavy Snow Needed Soon to Improve Area Water Outlook


At the Price City Council Meeting, Public Works Manager Gary Sonntag gave a grim report on the snow pack and water levels at Scofield Reservoir.  As of Jan. 8 the snowpack in the Mammoth Drainage was 20 inches with 5.3 inches of water. Clear Creek Drainage was only sitting at 18 inches of snow with 3.3 inches of water.

Last year in January Scofield Reservoir was sitting at 28,020 acre feet of water, this year it is only at 13,387. Last year the level of the reservoir topped at 36,990, but by October was down to 13,139 acre feet.

“Much snow is needed in the high country to assure there is enough water in the lake to meet the demands of summer or we are going to have to make some tough choices,” explained Sonntag.

In other business the Price City Council approved a resolution implementing an initiative to allow city employees up to four hours a month to volunteer in the local schools. Mayor Joe Piccolo said this partnership with education takes Price CIty to the next level of community commitment.

Councilman Layne Miller added, “Students will gain from this, but our employees will gain even more from this experience.”

Director of the Housing Authority Victor Staley came in front of the council to request help with a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding request to replace the hot water heaters in the complex of apartments that serve seniors and people with disabilities. Price City would act as general contractor with the Housing Authority being the sub contractor and completing the work.

Staley thanked the city for the help they gave with last year’s project that allowed the Housing Authority to replace windows, roofs, doors and weatherizing for the low income properties east of town. That project was completed early and under budget. It also used CDBG funds.

Final approval was given to a drive through coffee house. The business is named Chug-a-Lug and will be located on south Carbon Avenue.

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