What a Woman Wants: All in One Stop at Women’s Expo


USU Eastern Press Release

The first ever Eastern Utah Women’s Expo, the ultimate girl’s day out show, is planned for the weekend of March 28-29 at the Tuscan Event Center located at 100 North Carbon Avenue in Price.

USU Eastern’s annual Springfest has morphed into Eastern Utah’s Women’s Expo featuring everything a woman wants all in one stop. Participants can shop ’till they drop. The best part about the show, all proceeds go to USU Eastern Cosmetology Department’s scholarship fund.

Director of Springfest, Debbie Prichard, partnered with Kathy Hanna-Smith, Peggy Hennings, Kara Hillam and Jeannie Anderson to bring the show to the area. “We’ve got everything women want from health and wellness to home decor and fashion do’s and don’ts,” Prichard said.

Spring fashion shows are also planned throughout the weekend.

Prichard hopes to have jewelry, clothing, cooking utensils, crafts, floral arrangements, as well as the best gifts for any occasion. Weddings, events and special occasions will be highlighted along with tutorials from several vendors. The latest hair, makeup and nail art will be demonstrated throughout the two-day event.

She wants everyone to grab their girl friends and spend the day at the Women’s Expo.

One of the best aspects of the show is the introduction of the “Red Thumb Reminder.” One thumbnail of an individual is painted red to remind everyone not to participate in distracted driving. It’s not just texting, it’s posting and updating a social media status while driving. Everyone knows it’s dangerous, but it’s become a bad habit for many.

The national promotion asks everyone to paint one thumbnail red, so when they pick up their phones from behind the wheel, all they can see is a red thumb encouraging them not to use their phone while driving. It is an old school solution to a new world problem.

For vendor information or tickets, contact Prichard at (435) 613-5302 or Hanna-Smith at (435) 650-3922.

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