What Can Students Do on Graduation Night?


Press Release

This year’s graduation and graduation night festivities are looking very different with COVID-19. Although the state has moved to yellow status, the Carbon School District’s plans for a drive through graduation are what will happen on graduation day this Thursday with plans to hold a more formal graduation later when restrictions are lifted.

Graduation night festivities have also been put on hold. The Grad Spec event normally held on graduation night could not happen like it normally would as the restrictions currently limit gatherings to 50 people. The committee attempted to create some other sort of event and ultimately decided that nothing was feasible. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the primary sponsor of Grad Spec, has canceled many events in relation to COVID-19 restrictions.

“We tried to come up with a safe way for our students to celebrate on the original graduation night but never found anything that was safe and met the governor’s restrictions,” said Russell Seeley, Grad Spec coordinator.  “We hope that the community, parents and anyone with influence will help our students make appropriate choices on graduation night.”

Other suggestions given to celebrate graduation were to hold smaller gatherings for students and friends in backyards, take your student out for dinner and a movie, or encourage students to celebrate with friends virtually via online video gaming.

“We know that kids want to celebrate graduating from high school and as a community, we tip our hats to our class of 2020,” Seeley continued. “As a parent of a high school student, I hope that we can all do our part in making sure all our kids are safe Thursday night.”

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