Wheels Come Off


ETV News stock photo by Dusty Butler

The Spartans had a tough opponent in the reigning champs on Thursday night. With that said, Emery looked strong from the get go. The Spartans made the first move by putting up a crooked frame in the second. Mason Stilson began the two-out rally with a single and then Ty Stilson hit an RBI single to center.

Wade Stilson would next hit a two-RBI double to extent the rally. The momentum continued in the black and gold’s favor with an RBI single from both Gannon Ward and Ryker Jensen. When it was all said and done, five runs came around to score, all with two outs.

Grantsville began to battle back, but Oakley Alton and the Spartans kept the Cowboys at bay. That remained the case until the fifth when Alton faced the Cowboys for the third time through the lineup. A leadoff single and two walks would chase Alton out of the game.

The Spartans would then hit the next batter and walk the following batter to make it 5-4 with the bases still loaded and nobody out. The sophomore, Turner Stoker, was next called upon. He pitched well but a throwing error would cause additional damage. Grantsville would eventually score five runs in the inning off of just one hit. The Cowboys went up 7-5 and held on to win by that same score.

For over half the game, Emery looked like the better team. But, the struggles in the fifth led to the Spartan’s exit. There were a couple standout sophomores. Wade Stilson had himself a game, going 4-4 with two RBIs and a double while Stoker pitched two innings without allowing a hit or a run.

Emery’s season has come to an end with a 14-12 record.

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