Who’s Responsible? Subdivision Seeks Price City Help


A representative from the Elk Ridge Subdivision spoke Wednesday to Price City Councilmen about annexing the streets surrounding the subdivision.

The subdivision currently maintains its own streets and sidewalks, but residents want Price City to take over those duties.

Streets and sidewalks built with disregard to building codes pose a problem for maintenance vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Snowplows have a difficult time navigating the narrow roads, and construction crews that shorted the seven-inch road base requirements left the asphalt vulnerable to damage by large, heavy vehicles.

Price City regulations require four-foot wide sidewalks, but the subdivision’s sidewalks were built at three-and-a-half feet.

Councilman Richard Tatton said, “Kids riding their bikes might run into the mailboxes and hurt themselves.”

Councilmen voted to table the discussion until the housing committee could review facts and gather more information.

Mayor Joe Piccolo said the subdivision requested help at the right time.

“The sidewalks and streets are still in good repair, otherwise you would be outside of the maintenance plan and would find yourself in a different situation right now,” Piccolo said.


  • Councilmen set a special meeting for Friday morning so they could visit possible locations for the reintroduction of the Kokopelli Statue. The statue originally cost $40,000.
  • Final payments to Courts Unlimited were made. Repairs to the Washington Park tennis courts should soon be finished.
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