Wild Horse Adoptions Made Available to All


The Mustang Heritage Foundation hosted a wild horse adoption Friday and Saturday at the Carbon County Fair.

Foundation horse trainer Tate Weber, Clawson, headed the adoption efforts over weekend. Weber is a member of the TIP program, which compensates horse trainers for their time training wild horses that are eventually adopted.

Weber said training wild horses required a different process than training domesticated horses because the wild horses tend to act skeptical and keep their distance while domesticated horses generally don’t exhibit apprehension.

“You never do find an end to it,” Weber said. “It seems like the more you learn, the more you realize there is a lot to learn about starting colts, riding horses and communicating with horses.”

Utah’s wild horse adoption facilities are in Gunnison, Herriman and Delta. The adoption fee is $125 and includes vaccination and training dues.

Five horses were adopted Friday at the fair. Representatives hoped to find new homes for more on Saturday.

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