Wildcat Loadout, Beaver Creek Maintenance Shop Purchased for Possible Mining Opportunities


Carbon County Commissioner Larry Jensen recently announced that a company has purchased the Wildcat Loadout in Consumers Canyon.

This particular loadout’s purpose is for the train carts to be loaded with coal. The very same company also made a purchase in the form of the old Beaver Creek Maintenance Shop that is just north of the loadout. Both of these purchases will serve for the company’s operation.

A public notice was advertised in the end of January and in the beginning of February that included an application with the State Division of Oil, Gas and Mining. The notice stated that the company has a permit with the state division to open a mine located just north of Scofield.

At the time that the notice was released, the public was also informed that a copy of the application was made available for inspection at the Division of Oil, Gas and Mining in Salt Lake City as well as at the Carbon County Recorder’s office.

Commissioner Jensen stated that, at this time, more details are not available. However, he also expressed that as progress is made, it will be made apparent.

“This will be a great boost to our economy,” Commissioner Jensen concluded.

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