Winners Announced in the 2019 Southeast Utah Sterling Scholar Competition


Multiple Carbon and Emery students walked away from the 2019 Southeast Utah Sterling Scholar competition with prestigious honors on Tuesday.

In Business and Marketing, Annsheri Reay of Monticello, Jordyn Gagon of Carbon and Mason Faimalo of Emery all presented. In the end, Gagon was named the winner of that category with Reay and Faimalo as runner-ups.

Nyla Maryboy of Monticello, Parker Humes of Carbon and Rebecca Carroll of Emery all competed in the Computer Technology category. Humes ended the day on top with Maryboy and Carroll as runner-ups.

Hailey Mae Cox of Grand County secured the win in the Dance category, competing against Elley Cowdell of Carbon and Skyler Jensen of San Juan who both ended as runner-ups. The Drama and Vocal Performance found Elise Thayn of Monticello, Halli Black of San Juan and Trayken Morgan Robertson of Carbon County all vying for a win. Thayn stood out in the end and won the top spot with Black and Robertson as runner-ups.

Aspen English (Monticello), Britlie Sharp (Carbon) and Mary Amanda Kimmerle (Grand) competed in the English category and Kimmerle was named the winner with English and Sharp as runner-ups. In Family and Consumer Sciences, Deegan Minchey (Emery), Sadie Farnsworth (Grand) and Shaubre Stockdale (Carbon) competed. Stockdale was triumphant in this category, Minchey and Farnsworth claiming runner-up titles.

Alheli Pendleton (Carbon), Bailey Huggard (Emery) and Phillip Geiser (Grand) competed in Forensics and Speech with Geiser coming out on top and Pendleton and Huggard as runner-ups. Mathematics saw Kasey Michael Kemp of Grand triumphant with Jesse Braun of Emery and Samantha King of Carbon also competing and ending as runner-ups.

Alyssa Vincent (Carbon), Isabel Becerra (Grand) and Kaydee Deto (Emery) competed in Music with Deto announced as the winner and Becerra and Vincent as runner-ups. Tavee Filfred of Whitehorse, Tyler Yoklavich of Carbon and Weston Nebeker of Monticello competed in Science with Yoklavich ending on top and Filfred and Nebeker as runner-ups.

In Skilled and Technical Science Education, Adam Bunker of Monticello won the category against Keldan Guymon of Emery and Natalia Hopes of Carbon, who were named runner-ups. Social Science saw Carlos Rios-Redd of San Juan, Jon Banasky of Carbon and Kai Wainer of Grand in competition. Rios-Redd walked away with the win as Banasky and Wainer followed as runner-ups.

In World Language, Jewelianna Nielsen of Carbon was the winner with Auburn Cali Jackman of Grand and Sydney Terwilleger of Emery as the runner-ups. Finally, in Visual Arts, Aubrey Fausett of Carbon, Jade Warren of San Juan and Ridge Wilder Murdock of Grand competed with Murdock winning the top spot and Fausett and Warren as runner-ups.

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