Winners Determined at 2019 Carbon School District Science Fair


The Carbon School District recently hosted its junior and senior science fair. There were many students involved in the event. Each student had the chance to showcase and present their projects to judges. The junior division of the fair included 10 categories while the senior division boasted 17.

Starting with the junior division, in the Animal Science category, Cheyanne Slaughter took first, Hannah Ludington took second and Chantel Hardy placed third. In Behavioral and Social Sciences, first place went to Easton Humes, Kasia Earl placed second and third went to a partnership of Boyd Bradford and Parker Morgan. There were only two placements for the Chemistry category, Allena Ison in first and Lacey Anderson in second. Cole Yoklavich was first and the only place in the Earth and Environment group. Veronica Cartwright took first in Math and Computer Science. In Engineering, Tyler Morris placed first, Shalako Gunter finished second and Nathan Engar earned third. The placements for Medicine and Health consisted of three partnerships: Ellie Hanson and Isabelle Nelson took first, Kinlee Lewis and Julia Moore placed second, and Gabrielle Vasquez with Kaylie Warner took third. There was no placements for Physics and Astronomy in this fair. Plant Science placed Mia Crompton in first and Mia Levon along with Ave Miller took second. Raeley Gray and Morgan Luke took the first and only placement in the Product Testing group.

In the senior division, along with a first through third place, there were also honorable mentions in a number of the categories. In Animal Science, Carson Anderson took first and Kyler Frisbie took second place. Behavioral and Social Science had Katelyn Vasquez in first place, Jeweliana Nielsen took second, Zachary Mortensen placed third and Corrine Hanson had an honorable mention. Natale Van Dyke was first in Biochemistry and there were no placements for Cellular and Molecular Biology. The Chemistry category had Nellie Heaton in first, Benson Moore in second and Lily Vigil in third. This category also had two honorable mentions for Conor Fitzsimons and partnership Gabrielle Hanson and Mielee Prettyman. Parker Humes took first and the only place in Computer Science. Earth and Planetary Science had the cooperation of Hayden Tallerico with Jadyn Wadley in first place. Second place went to Kaliana Gates and Jace Rutherford took third.

The Engineering category was split into two separate groups: Electrical and Mechanical and Materials and Bio. In the subcategory of Electrical and Mechanical, first place was Jeremiah Ison, second place was Michael Banasky with Austin Engar and Gabe Langstein took third place. Materials and Bio had Jordyn Gagon in first and Kaytlyn Johnson in second. In the Energy and Transportation category, first place was given to Raegan Worley and second place was awarded to Lizabeth Pugliese and partner Isabeau Miller. Kade Allen took third place while Landon Anderson partnered with Brandon Scoville had an honorable mention. Alexandra Cartwright took first in Environmental Science and Hanna Miller took second. Sisters Emily and Lindsay Jesperson took third in the Environmental Science category. There were no placements in the Environmental Management and Math divisions.

Continuing in the senior division, Medicine and Health gave Elley Cowdell first place, Easton Horsely second and Natalia Hopes third. In the Microbiology category, first place went to Tyler Yoklavich, second place to Lexi Chappell and partnership Connor Bulkey and Dallin Watson placed in third. Physics and Astronomy placed Daxton Humes in first, Aubrey Fausett and Abbie Saccomano in second, and Brock Morris in third place. In the Plant Science category, there was a tie for first place between James Bryner and Adriana Payan. Second place was Karson Root and Leonardo Zarate while Jacey Stansfield took third place.


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