With a Completed Fire Station, Huntington City Has a New Dilemma


With the completion of a new fire station on Main Street in Huntington, the city now has the task of finding a solution for the old one.

Councilmen discussed the problem at their monthly city council meeting on Wednesday. Ideas ranging from using the facility as a storage area to making it into a youth center were batted around.

“If we kept it for a community center we would put a lot of money in to fixing it because a lot of things don’t meet code in there,” said Mayor Hilary Gordon.

Because funds are not available to bring the building up to code, Councilman Mark Justice threw out another idea.

“We have an exterior structure of pretty good size in good shape,” said Councilman Mark Justice. “It’s too valuable to leave it vacant. If we don’t have plans to do something with it we should sell it.”

Councilmen tabled the item for their next meeting after deciding to put it on the market.

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