With Honors: Carbon High National Honor Society Induction Ceremony


Photo Courtesy of Donn Jeffs

By Madalyn Johnson

In celebration of some of the finest students Carbon High School has to offer, the school’s National Honor Society (NHS) chapter hosted its annual induction ceremony on Monday, Jan. 25. Previous members were recognized during the procession and new inductees were officially made part of the chapter in front of their friends and family.

Kicking off the procession of the ceremony, Donn Jeffs, the chapter advisor, welcomed all those in attendance. Then, the chapter’s officers were honored and each member of the presidency gave a speech explaining the four pillars of the National Honor Society: Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character.

Following the speeches, Shalyce Rauhala, a sophomore and new inductee, performed a musical number. Last, but certainly not least, new members of the chapter were named, led across the stage and given a certificate denoting their membership. In addition, each new member signed their name amongst the signatures of every Carbon High National Honor Society member that has come before them.

“We inducted around 80 members this year. That’s awesome!” said Katie Jones, president of this year’s Carbon High National Honor Society. “I am so proud to be the president and serve with so many smart and hardworking Carbon Dinos.”

The road to such an accomplishment, however, has not been smooth. With a worldwide pandemic interfering with every aspect of these students’ lives, the requirements for being a member of the NHS have been difficult to meet. A GPA average of a 3.5 or more, high citizenship marks and several hours of community service are staples of the excellence National Honor Society members must possess. But, true to such excellence, the students honored at the ceremony persevered and met these requirements. The induction ceremony has become even more of a necessity in order to recognize and celebrate these students’ hard work and dedication.

Carbon High National Honor Society Members:

SOPHOMORES – Lukas Allred, Taybree Anderson, Reese Ardohain, Baylee Barker, Mckenzie Barney, Ava Black, Elizabeth Blackburn, Bryton Blake, Connor Bradley, Brenden Bryner, Abbie Butkovich, Alycia Colunga, Kinley Cowdell, Taylorann Dalpiaz, Kasia Earl, Wyatt Falk, Daron Garner, Kenidee Gunter, Emma Holm, Gabriel Ibanez, Ambree Jones, Beverly Lancaster, Hannah Ludington, Gavin Miller, Parker Morgan, Hyrum Nelson, Linnea Nelson, Madison Noyes, Gracie Oveson, Laurie Parry, Mattie Powell, Jezmin Pressett, Shalyce Rauhula, Jenna Richards, Jared Saccomanno, Reed Sheperd, Cheyanne Slaughter, Lindsey Snow, Spencer Tullis, Brooklyn Tweddell, Kennedy Williams

JUNIORS – Landen Anderson, Molly Banks, Tymber Bennett, Alexa Boyden, Mykella Bradley, Gianna Bruno, Garrett Bryner, Pierce Bryner, Sydnie Callahan, Mattie Chiara, Rylie Frandsen, Jerra Gravley, Jackson Griffeth, Rachelle Grant, Avery Gunter, Corinne Hanson, Jamie Hapsmith, Rylan Hart, Karli Hillam, Payton Hopes, Mollie Horsley, Paisley Houskeeper, Brittany Huff, Janzie Jensen, LindseyJespersen, Derrick Jorgensen, Kaytlyn Johnson, Madisen Justesen, Makaela Kinder, Tenley Madsen, Chloe Monson, Lyndee Mower, Graydee Noyes,Stevie Oman, Sydney Orth, Natalie Peck, Ashley Powell, Jaydea Price, Ally Robertson, Karson Root, Paige Stewart, Ajay Thayn, Raygann Wright

SENIORS – Jenna Birch, Makenna Blanc, Rachelyn Bowman, Noah Bradford, Ryan Brady, Preston Condie, Sofie Crompton, Indy Gray, Blake Grundy, Brett Heugly, Rachel Hobbs, Easton Horsley, P.J. Howa, Dax Humes, Aubrey Jeffery, Madalyn Johnson, Katie Jones, Kayla Lee, Lyndsey Madrigal, Ariana Mastin, Diego Mendoza, Merrick Morgan, Haze Newman, Ana Maria Olivas, Tara Olsen, Karen Payan, Gracee Powell, Haylie Powell, Lizabeth Pugliese, Kaylie Sharp, Reagan Smuin, Cayden Steele, Grace Stewart, Gracie Tatton, Amelia Thatcher, Lexus VanZant, Kayla Wilson, Reagan Winn, Raegan Worley, Kaydence Zorn

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