Work Continues to Obtain More Funding for Old Church in Emery


By Julie Johansen

Following a controversial public hearing on Sept. 26, the Emery Town Council approved applying for funds from the Community Impact Board to help with the restoration of the “Old Church” in Emery. The conflict for some had been the funds that are also needed for water monitoring on the springs and streams that provide necessary water for the community. Council member Christiansen also reported that plans are underway for second annual fundraising ball in the near future.

The council voted to postpone discussion on the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan presented to them from the Emery County Commission until they are better qualified to make a decision. Councilwoman Nelson reported that she is working on the animal control ordinance by reviewing other city ordinances. Councilman Jones announced a Saturday, Oct. 13 clean-up and garbage pickup for the town.

Jones also discussed the need for assistance from the mines in monitoring the water situation above the mines. Mining causes the water to dissipate down to the mines. Talking to DOGM seems to be an avenue for assistance to the town. Mayor Petty reported that the secondary water system had been turned off and the lines would be drained on Friday. He also expressed appreciation to council members following the heavy rain (2.25”) in clearing the drains to help prevent flooding to the town.

The new canal pipeline will also aid in this problem to the town, but the old canal will remain as flood control. The pipeline is waiting approval from the BLM as the route was denied over private property and had to be rerouted over BLM property.

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