WWl Grant Project Continues at Huntington Cemetery


Press Release

On May 2, Huntington youth and leaders helped Emery County Archives Director Suzanne Anderson and Tennille Larsen from Worley-Jensen Monuments to locate WWI Veterans markers. The evening was stormy but they came out in numbers and helped anyway. Their volunteer help is greatly appreciated. Special thanks to the American Legion, Ray Quinn and others, also Ed Geary, Shawn Sitterud and Huntington City.

Names of Huntington men that served in WWI.

John L. Anderson
Rulon A. Hardee
Wayne Loveless Walter Baxter
Peter Johnson
William F. Martin
Aurthur C. Burnside
Rosel J. Jensen
Gerold W. Nielson
Clarence G. Cowley
Peter Johnson
Thomas A. Nielson
Jehu Cox
Henry Z. Kartchener
Marvin A. Strong
George A. Fleming
Gilbert H. Klecker
Guy Truman
Elisha M. Grange
James D. Laws
Guy L. Young
Cannon L. Gunderson Sr.
Lucius A. Leamaster
Ralph M. Young
Charles E. Hales
Lewis D. LeRoy

If any family members have photos of these soldiers and would be willing to give the archives a copy or let the archives scan them, please contact the Emery County Archives at (435) 381.3563

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