Young Emery County Scientists Compete at Fair


By Kristi Maxwell

This year’s Emery County School District science fair was held at Castle Dale Elementary on Jan. 31. Students from elementary schools throughout Emery County gathered to show off the experiments to judges, classmates and parents. Participants in the science fair ranged from grades 3-6. The winners are as follows:

3rd Grade Winners

  • 1st Elyza Taylor, Ferron
  • 2nd Allee Sitterud, Cottonwood

4th Grade Winners

  • 1st Dallon Braun, Ferron
  • 2nd Jenzen Jorgensen, Castle Dale
  • 3rd Witley Christensen, Cleveland

5th Grade Winners

  • 1st Allison Thomas, Cottonwood
  • 2nd Bradley Ostergaard, Castle Dale
  • 3rd Syann Pittman, Castle Dale

6th Grade Winners

  • 1st Mya Funk, Castle Dale
  • 2nd Brenden Johansen and Zac Anderson, Castle Dale
  • 3rd Emelyn Oliverson, Castle Dale
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