Youngsters Needed to Assist in Making Kits for the Elderly


To combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and keep the local elderly safe, local health and rehab centers, care centers and elderly living facilities have severely limited or ceased all contact with visitors for the time being.

To assure that those that reside within aren’t left feeling too isolated, local Hayley Atwood had the idea to create small kits that would provide the residents with a pick-me-up. Children in the community are encouraged to join in the best that they can, whether it be writing notes or drawing or painting pictures and sayings, to gathering crossword puzzles, games and coloring books. Anything believed to be entertaining for those left without visitors will be welcomed.

“Hopefully, this helps those in the facilities as well as moms who are trying to keep their kids busy and teach them to look for ways to help their community at times like this,” Atwood stated.

Those that wish to participate in constructing these kits may turn in anything made or gathered to Atwood by calling her at (408) 515-7219 to schedule a drop-off or pick-up time. At this time, there is not a deadline for the kits to be received. Rather, Atwood is delivering items as they are received.

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