Mini, Little and Junior Miss Emery County Girls Earn Their Crowns


By Traci Bishop

The Mini, Little and Junior Miss Emery County pageant took place on Thursday evening in the Emery High School auditorium.

Many young women took to the stage to give their all in the hopes of winning the crown. The traditional pageant categories such as question, talent, gown presentation and more took place. While the judges had many options, the top girls were finally chosen.

Ivy Sherman was named the new Mini Miss Emery with Tenlee Robinson as the Little Miss and the Junior Miss Emery County as Addison Johansen.

However, the crowns were not the only awards given during the evening. Contestant Halee Hurdsman won the honor of being the one that had collected the most shoes. She was successful in gathering 265 pairs as part of a fundraiser for the pageant. Hurdsman was also named Miss Photogenic while Ashlynn Johansen was the winner of ticket sales.

These newly crowned gals will join Miss Emery County in royalty duties in the coming year.

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