$10 Dog Adoptions Throughout October at Best Friends for “Adopt A Shelter Dog Month”


Ariel, a 2 year old female, is considered one of the smartest, sweetest dogs at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. All dogs are just $10 to adopt at the Sanctuary throughout October.

Best Friends Animal Society Press Release

Besides bringing in cooler weather and all things pumpkin spice, October is also Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. To celebrate, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab is offering $10 adoptions through October for all dogs, as many of its dogs come from partner shelters in Utah and surrounding states.

“We have dogs of every size, age, breed and personality, so we encourage anyone looking for a new best friend to come to the sanctuary to find their perfect match,” said Ali Waszmer, director of Dogtown at Best Friends. 

Adoption also saves the lives of dogs waiting for a second chance. Unfortunately, according to current Best Friends data, nearly 20 dogs are killed every hour in U.S. shelters simply because they have no safe place to call home 

Welcoming home a shelter dog is the most impactful way to end the shelter crisis, save lives and help America become a no-kill country. To clear up any misconceptions about these deserving animals, Best Friends debunked fact versus fiction about shelter animals. 

  • Fact: Adoption helps curb pet populations and reduces the demand for puppy mills or other inhumane commercial breeding facilities. Reducing the demand for puppy mills can also help fight pet overpopulation and saves homeless animals from being killed.  

  • Fact: It’s less expensive to adopt a dog than to buy one. Not only are adoption fees significantly less than the cost of buying a dog, but before going home, dogs in shelters are typically vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. This saves adopters money and sets the pet up for a healthy and happy future. 

  • Fiction: Mixed breed dogs aren’t as healthy as purebreds. In fact, mutts tend to be healthier as they are often less prone to inherited disorders. 

  • Fiction: Only certain “types” of dogs end up in shelters. Dogs of all sizes, ages, activity levels and breeds are in shelters. Click here to find your perfect fit at a shelter or rescue near you.   

Not ready to adopt? Fostering is a great option that provides an animal with the space and time to decompress, while acclimating to life in a home. Foster homes are essential to no-kill as they provide animals a temporary home until they can be adopted. Foster opportunities are available at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. 

To preview adoptable dogs, visit bestfriends.org or visit the Sanctuary daily from 8 a.m. to 5 pm.. at 5001 Angel Canyon Road, Kanab. To inquire about a specific dog, please email adoptions@bestfriends.org or call (435) 688-2327.

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