100s Participate in Drunkards Wash Grand Prix *Photo Gallery*


Riders from throughout the western states flocked to Price over the weekend to compete in the Drunkards Wash Grand Prix. The annual race was started over 10 years ago by Ken Kirkwood of Finishline Promotions and has steadily gained in popularity due to its growing reputation.

The race is part of the Utah Sportsman Riders Association (USRA), which sanctions desert and motocross series throughout Utah. Desert races are off-road motorcycle races while a Grand Prix race incorporates the motocross track as well. Drunkards Wash is round three of 12 in the USRA series.

Nearly 600 desert racers participated on Saturday with another almost 200 motocross racers on Sunday. In fact, the race was the second largest USRA event on record. The whole family can participate with riders as young as four years-old joining the fun. Races classes continued to go up all the way to an over-70 race class.

“It was overwhelming for me. People just kept, coming and coming. It was fun,” began Kirkwood. “This was an awesome event. I’d like to thank all the local volunteers that helped.”

The winner of the pro class was Tyler Lynn while the open experience class went to Lincoln Van Tassell. For full results, please click here.

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