105 Years of Life Celebrated by Heirloom Inn Resident


The Heirloom Inn had a special reason to celebrate on Wednesday morning as resident Susie Scott celebrated turning 105.

Scott was born on August 14, 1914 in Shady Point, Oklahoma. From there, she moved to Hiawatha in 1950 with husband Dale Scott and their six children. Scott has lived her life well and is still able to speak clearly, walk on her own and is often found cleaning her room diligently.

Alongside a large cake, a poster board highlighting Scott was presented for all to peruse. The board not only showcased Scott, but also featured facts from life 105 years ago such as popular baby names, actors and actresses also born that year, news and the cost of living. A pound of sugar was $0.04 while a car would run an individual $500.

Scott was visited by many, including one of her sons that cares for her closely, to wish her a happy 105 years and great health.

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